handwriting ielts essay it is unnecessary to teach children about the skills of handwriting

Handwriting IELTS Essay | Unnecessary to Teach Children

Handwriting IELTS Essay | Unnecessary to Teach Children in Modern Age

Some people say that in our modern age, it is unnecessary to teach children about the skills of handwriting. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Handwriting IELTS EssayModel Answer 1

Handwriting skills demand craftsmanship, artistic method of introducing letters and call for a good deal of time and exercise. Since pupils are somewhat more inclined to type instead of write on a newspaper for the remainder of their lifetime, I do not feel this ability is widespread within this modern age where computers have been used both from the professional and academic arenas.

To start with, the neat design has been a standard for academic achievement in years past but not in this electronic age. Assignments, classwork, tests and other college activities are for the most part performed on computers, and that is the reason why a pupil should grasp the abilities of typing and computing more than introducing natural correspondence formations onto a newspaper. To illustrate a case, I filed three missions during my final sentence, and all they were submitted to my own instructors’ mails, rather than one had been handwritten. In any case, time spent in bolstering excellent handwriting may be utilised in mastering important subjects and abilities.

Also, the usage of the Web in offices is now a common trend. A worker is expected to become an expert computer user, and also natural handwriting is not a necessity to be hired by a provider. Paradoxically, greater penmanship has small worth in a planet surrounded by tech. Taking into consideration the long run, when computers are predominant, teachers and parents must concentrate more on teaching technologies to students than teaching how much a correspondence ought to be curved or stressed!

In conclusion, academic pursuits and specialist wants, in this age of technology, induce students to possess abilities in computers and that is the reason why it might be practical to boost their technical abilities instead of handwriting abilities – that has become less significant.

It is Unnecessary To Teach Children About The Skills of Handwriting – Model Answer 2

Many people believe that handwriting skill is no longer important in this era of technology, and children do not require investing time to hone their handwriting, especially when they will most likely type instead of writing for the rest of their life. Unfortunately, this opinion is misguided. I strongly believe that handwriting skill is important even in today’s digital world.

Good handwriting is important because when children learn to write clearly and concisely, they also learn how to express themselves properly. This leads to better academic and professional performance. I reckon handwriting is much more than simply putting letters on a page; it is a key part of learning and expressing ideas. Scrawls that cannot be read may be compared to speaking that cannot be understood. Handwriting is also important because children are required to use it daily in school, and who struggles with the mechanics of handwriting may have trouble taking notes or completing their schoolwork. This can affect both their self-esteem and their attitude toward school. Good penmanship means better grades as studies show that the same mediocre paper is graded much higher if the handwriting is neat.

More importantly, handwriting proficiency inspires confidence despite some people’s belief that handwriting is not related to better academic performance. The more children practise a skill such as handwriting, the stronger the motor pathways become until the skill becomes automatic. Furthermore, handwriting aids memory. For example, if a person writes a list or a note and then loses it, he is more likely to remember what he wrote than if he just tries to memorize it.

In conclusion, computer and digital data have no way replaced the necessity of handwriting skills. They are even more prevailing in this era of technology where good handwriting is related to academic performance and success, one the one hand, and inspires confidence, on the other hand.

IELTS  Essay on Handwriting Skills in Modern Age – Model Answer 3

Good handwriting of pupils is one of the essential skills for their academic success. The dominance of technology has changed many people’s views on teaching students the art of writing. But I personally disagree that modernisation and the use of technology have made handwriting skill obsolete.

To begin with, good penmanship leads to better school performance in most cases. Also, it puts a solid impression on the readers or examiners. To exemplify this particular impression, 71 per cent of learners who have clear and nice handwriting, have good academic records and a reputation among schoolmates and teachers.

However, considering the contrary point of views that good handwriting by children is useless could be justified as the predominant use of technology where most of the writing is done on computers. Moreover, skills in technology should be one’s goal rather than only giving preferences to handwriting.

Nevertheless, only reading and speaking skills are not enough for better academic performance. Practising the topics by writing them on paper could be a much efficient way to learn. For example, in mathematics, it is helpful to practice the problems and learn the formulas by writing. Additionally, writing is also a pivotal part of communication and this skill is necessary because research shows that when children learn how to do it, they also learn how to express themselves.

To conclude, it can be summarized that learning to write is indispensable which should be taught to children. Amid the sea of typed materials and digital data, handwritten materials have their own dominance, hence, handwriting skills should not be ignored.

In our Modern Age, it is Unnecessary to Teach Children about the Skills of Handwriting – Model Answer 4

In this contemporary era is era of modernization, technology plays a vital role in a global perspective. A fair amount of people believe that traditional skills such as handwriting should be replaced with new technological equipment. I completely disagree with this notion, as calligraphy skills are essential for teenagers to acquire basic knowledge in any language.

To commence with, an adolescent begins his educational journey by holding a pencil and drawing irregular patterns on the walls. Furthermore, in accordance with this physical influence of the fingers, the nervous system of the child’s body begins to activate and accordingly work with the brain cells. As a result, their language skills begin to develop effectively and efficiently. For example, it is a proven fact that children find it easier to express their thoughts when they are fully capable of writing, rather than using electronic devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

In addition to the details above, many infants use electronic screens and keyboards to submit written work, such as thesis and assignments online. As a result, they spend more time in front of blue screens, which is very harmful to the eyes and ultimately leads to visual impairment. For instance, a study by the University of Pennsylvania found that most schoolchildren were victims of poor eyesight and were more likely to use specs from an early age.

To conclude, although some people wanted the youth to get used to modern instruments instead of following the traditional writing method, however, I completely opposed the idea as there are harmful issues that badly affect the health of teenagers.

Ideas for Handwriting IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic

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Handwriting IELTS Essay | Unnecessary to Teach Children

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