the key to solving the environmental problem

The Key to Solving the Environmental Problems IELTS Essay

The Key to Solving the Environmental Problems IELTS Essay

The key to solving the environmental problems is for the present generation to sacrifice their convenient lifestyle for the sake of future generations. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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India 17th February 2022

The Key to Solving the Environmental Problems is for the Present Generation – Sample Answer 1

Evidently, problems related to environmental degradation are rising day-by-day. Some people argue that by compromising luxurious living style, we can solve this problem easily. However, I believe that less usage of technology and by being more responsible towards our surrounding, human race can tackle this issue effectively.

To begin with, one of the most effective steps can be taken by making some changes in people’s daily life activities. Unknowingly, many of us get indulged in those actions, which can be hazardous for our environment. For instance, using plastic materials, although we are all aware that plastic bags are harmful for the environment, people still use plastic bags. In addition, running some campaigns and spreading the information about harmful effects of using plastic bottles and bags can save earth. Furthermore, scarcity of drinking water is the major rising problem these days. Though humans are blessed with abundance of water, depletion of water is increasing in many parts of the world. By making some changes in our habits, water related problem can be solved. I E LT S X PRESS

Furthermore, the advent of technology is adversely affecting our environment. Demand for the production is rising at alarming level. However, limited use of technology and promoting more usage of natural resources such as solar, water and tidal energy can solve this problem.

To conclude, we could get the chance to lead this present lifestyle after struggling for many years. I believe that by considering some above mentioned steps we can save our earth for descendants without hampering our present life.

IELTS Essay on Environment Problems – Sample Answer 2

It is argued that the most practical solution for solving the environmental issues would be sacrificing the comfort of present generation for the future generation. There is some truth in this; however, I feel that the target can be better met if we use the resources wisely.

To begin with, when the present generation accepts a less comfortable life, they are not only saving the resources for their future generations but also reducing the intensity of polluting the environment in various ways. To be precise, if a person starts going to work on public transport system rather than in his own car, he can save fuel, and at the same time, the air and noise pollution can be brought down. A similar effect can be seen when people control their consumerist behaviour.

However, one has to understand that cutting down the comforts of the present world is like living a life of previous generations. To explain it further, in this technologically advanced era, it is difficult for a person to sacrifice his comfort and convenience. As a better solution, I would suggest to use the resources in the most productive manner. For example, Eco-friendly cars can be used instead of petrol cars. Likewise, non-biodegradable products like plastic can be either reused or recycled properly rather than using it just once and throwing irrationally.

To conclude, in order to solve the environmental problems, it is a good idea to save resources for the future generations by sacrificing the comforts of the present generation. However, it is better to go for the best option: the wise use of resources.

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Environment Topic

The modern lifestyle presents to humans unprecedented convenience. There is an idea, however, that such convenience comes at the expense of the environment and our own descendants’ benefits, and that therefore, it should be reduced or abandoned. Personally, I agree with this idea and this essay will clarify my view.

Firstly, a large proportion of the daily convenience today’s generation enjoys has detrimental impacts on the environment, and is easily replaceable. Taking for instance the use of air transport, it can be clearly seen that one airplane trip releases tons of carbon dioxide, many times more than a road journey over the same distance does. In many cases, the convenience of air travel prevails the interests of the environment, and travellers opt for an airplane trip instead of a 2-hour drive. The use of air-conditioning showcases a similar pattern: oftentimes the much more energy consuming air conditioners are chosen instead of fans that would be just as efficient in an acceptable temperature. These examples prove that in several circumstances, negative impacts to the environment can be avoided if only humans opt for a slightly less convenient way of living. IELTSXPRESS.COM

Secondly, the sacrifice of modern convenience may lead to the reduction of industrial pollution, which is a major culprit to environmental problems. Industries whose products serve the modern life of humans, namely the energy industry, produce huge amounts of polluting gases and waste material everyday, and consume a large proportion of natural resources. These industries thrive on the demand of extravagant convenience of humans. Therefore, should such demand be reduced, then there is a high chance that harmful impacts of these industries on the environment will be minimized.

In conclusion, the modern lifestyle encompasses several types of unnecessary convenience. Therefore, the interests of the environment and future generations could be served with changes in people’s daily habits. Such changes, as a result, will also lead to the reduction of industrial impacts on the environment.

Agree Disagree Essay – Sample Answer 3

In the present millennium, the world is highly affected by numerous environmental issues such as global warming and pollution. It is believed by many that this problem could be solved by the current generation if they sacrifice their sophisticated lifestyle for the betterment of the future of mankind. I completely agree with this notion, as limited access to cutting-edge technology and adapting to Eco-friendly products would benefit the later generations. ie  lt sxpress

To begin with, curtailing the use of modern gadgets can reduce the concern related to the environment to a greater extent. In other words, contemporary appliances and vehicles such as refrigerators or cars respectively produce hazardous gases such as Freon or carbon monoxide, which when released into the air contribute not only to air pollution but also to global warming and ozone layer depletion. As a result, a reduction in the usage of such equipment and adopting different alternatives would refrain from this sort of contamination immensely.

For example, the Norway government is using huge tax incentives to ensure that every new car sold is a zero-emission vehicle. This can also be seen in the sales of Tesla electric cars which had record-breaking sales in the country in the year 2019.

In addition to the above arguments, getting accustomed to ecological friendly products could also mitigate the problems of the atmosphere vastly. To be precise, products especially plastics and polythene are indeed an extreme threat to the flora and fauna as such non-biodegradable things could destroy the soil and water.

To eliminate such adulteration for the benefit of the upcoming human-beings, usage of decomposable substances should be bought to practice. For instance, the ‘Going Green’ project is developed by the European government to produce organic plastics and other products.

Solving the environmental problems is for the present generation – Sample Answer 4

In recent times, our planet has been plagued by numerous environmental issues, such as rampant pollution and global warming. Some believe that the best way to remedy this is for the current generation to sacrifice their comfortable life for future generations’ advantage. In my opinion, while changes must certainly be made to current lifestyles to save the environment, this may not require the people today to live a less comfortable life and may even benefit and enrich both the current and future generations.

Recent government policies and actions have made it easy for the current generation to make lifestyle changes that would benefit the environment at no significant burden to them. For example, many governments have improved the mass transportation options available, and kept the rates low. People today can opt to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce environmental pollution by not using cars to travel, and relying instead on public transport such as trains and buses. In fact, this change in lifestyle may be beneficial as people would incur less costs from not having to maintain their individual cars, save time from not having to battle traffic jams as well as making a significant positive impact to the environment.

In addition, progress in technology and products available also make it easy for the present generation to save the environment at no significant cost to them. For example, new biodegradable plastics have recently been invented to replace old plastics that pollute the environment and have been adopted by manufacturers of single use plastic bags at no additional cost. The end product of these new materials functions in exactly the same fashion as the older items. As such, the present consumer would not be disadvantaged by the change made whilst still managing to contribute to protecting the environment.

In conclusion, whilst I believe that the present generation needs to make lifestyle changes to reduce environmental issues, I strongly disagree that these changes will be a burden to the present generation. This is because governmental policies and actions, as well as technological advances will ensure that the lifestyle changes are adopted seamlessly and easily by the present generation.

Solving the Environmental Problems IELTS Essay – Sample Answer 5

The term “prosperous standard of living” is overused in almost all corners of the planet Earth. As long as humanity remains accessible, more opportunities must be left for future generations, as minimizing global problems requires effort. This essay suggests that it would be great if the current population kept a balance in terms of demand and unwise use of natural resources due to expected problems in the short and long term.

As a result of globalization, the pace of the modern age has gained a significant following, while without one part of it, the status of popularity will decline. In other words, people demand every single object, while the cost of need compulsively harms nature. For instance, electronic devices – no one can imagine their life without them – are produced by processing natural resources in combination, such as metals and glass. When devices such as mobile phones or laptops are ready for use, the air will be poisoned, and the loss of trees with irretrievable natural sources will remain under eradication. In case the current generation consumes in this way, future generations will suffer from a toxic atmosphere and a lack of sources.

An uneconomical approach to food causes the fact that once the chain has made a natural collapse, the previous state will never return. The proof is at the heart of the story that our ancestors preyed on a variety of animals that cause deadly diseases such as starvation or the extinction of other species that cause malaria or plague for extravagant needs like clothing and food. However, if today’s generation becomes wiser than expected, those who come tomorrow will prosper with a hassle-free luxurious life.

To conclude, what we have got here, maximal call for contemporary items and unwisely utilization of natural resources is believed to be the drawback when it comes to life and environment regarding present and future generations. It would be very important if peoples applied alternative methods in the field of production and taught the population to save the need for unimportant consumption in order to preserve the environment of both generations.

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The Key to Solving the Environmental Problems IELTS Essay

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