Describe a Special Toy You had in your Childhood ielts cue card

Describe a Special Toy You had in Your Childhood Cue Card

Describe a Special Toy You had in Your Childhood IELTS Cue Card Topic

Describe a special toy you had in your childhood.
You should say:

  • what it was
  • who gave it to you
  • how often you played with it (or, how you played with it)

and explain why it was special for you.   

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Sample Answer 1:

Describe a Special Toy You had in Your Childhood

I remember that when I was young, I was keen on watching the cartoon called “The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh”, so much that I kept pestering my father for the stuffed bear Winnie the Pooh. Finally, my father gave me one as a present for my 6th birthday. When I got this toy, I jumped for joy and even paid no attention to my other presents.

This stuffed bear was, incredibly, identical to the character in the cartoon I had watched. He also had a short red shirt and was holding a jar of honey which was his favorite food. Therefore, I felt as if he had come from the movie. ieltsxpress

Since then, I considered him my closest friend and I couldn’t go anywhere without him, even when I went to sleep. Every day, I talked with the bear and told him about my daily routine. Unfortunately, I lost the bear at an amusement center, which made me cry for almost a week. At that time, I felt like I had lost a good friend who I could share everything with.

At present, whenever I watch this cartoon or see any photos of Winnie the Pooh, all the wonderful memories about him are brought back. Thanks to the bear, I experienced a happy childhood.

Sample Answer 2:

A Toy You Received IELTS Cue Card

If I remember correctly, in my early days as a child, I wasn’t exactly that much interested in playing with toys. Rather, I was interested more in running outside of the home or jumping with other kids. In fact, I had enjoyed the outdoors more than staying at home. But, my parents thought that I would rather spend more time at home, hence the idea of buying many toys for me.

And a special toy that my parents bought for me was a toy car, made of quality plastic, and it was battery-operated. However, when the toy car was initially handed to me, I didn’t really find much use of it nor was I that much interested to learn about how it worked. In fact, I left that toy alone for the first few days.

When I was a young child, my parents did not push me to do something or impose anything on me. But, when they found that I wasn’t playing with my toy, they started to show me how to play with it. They even taught me some tricks about getting the car to make some funny sounds. And, it was at that time when I felt a little interested in that plastic toy car. In fact, I really liked the funny sounds it was making. After that, I started to play with. And it was a multicoloured car, and it was about 6 inch in length. The toy had a little windshield and a driver seat also.  It was a fast toy, and the longer I was playing with that car, the more I liked it.

Anyway, it was a special toy for me because I felt like it gave me the speed inside me that I was looking for. Besides, it was a very strong toy also because even though, I played very rough with it, it didn’t stop working or running. Finally, I consider the toy to be special also because it offered me an opportunity to spend some more quality time with my parents, which I cherish each and every day of my life.

Sample Answer 3:

IELTS Cue Card – Describe a toy you received

I just loved to play with toys in my childhood. And hence on every birthday my parents and close relatives gifted me my favorite toys. When I turned 4 years old my mother gifted me ‘Chota Bheem and Chutki Doll’. I still remember my happiness. I was jumping in joy and hugging my mother for this best gift ever. And the funny part is that I do not let my cousins touch this Bheem and Chutki doll.

I was a fan of the ‘Chota Bheem’ cartoon during childhood. Every day, I watched the Chota Bheem telecast on the POGO channel. And eventually, love every Chota Bheem the characters. Therefore, on the occasion of my birthday, my mother surprised me with the Chota Bheem and Chutki doll. More than Bheem, I used to like Chutki more. But mom gifted me both the pair of toys.

From the day I received this gift I just held Chutki in my arms. Whether I am watching television, playing with friends, going outside, or doing anything, I hold Chutki. Even at night too I hug Chutki tightly and then sleep. Whenever I drink water with the sipper bottle first I offer it to Chutki and then I drink. Still, after so many years, I remember every memory so clearly as this toy was so close to my heart.

The Chota Bheem and Chutki toys were very special to me because I loved watching their characters on television. Moreover, I was also inspired by Chutki’s look. I often put on makeup like Chutki and tie the two ponytails together.

Sample Answer 4:

Describe a Special Toy IELTS Cue Card

I remember having many toys in my childhood and in different stages of my childhood I preferred different toys. But among them, the digital artboard was a very special one to me and I played with this special toy for more than 3-4 years as I recall. IE LTS XPRESS.COM

This was a gift from my father on the occasion of my 5th or 6th birthday. It looked like a whiteboard which was approximately 14×10 inch in dimension. The screen was white and there were 5-6 buttons to operate the digital artboard. A digital pen or stylus type pen was attached to it for painting. This stylus could be placed on the right side of the board. The board was similar to a middle size notebook and was lightweight.

I became fascinated with the toy when I first saw it at a superstore. The seller described that I could draw pictures on this board, edit them, save them and reopen the saved pictures anytime I like. There was a built-in memory and it could store up to 10 thousand drawings. He also told that the pen tool makes the painting process easy, and it came with some templates that would help me draw some nice pictures.

At that time I was around 5 or 6 years old and the toy really mesmerised me. I had a hidden desire to own it one day. I wanted to complete different arts, and save them to show to others while also develop my painting skills. Since I had a passion for painting, I thought the toy would be perfect for me. I told my father about my fascination with this toy, and a few days later, he gave me this toy as my birthday gift. I was so speechless when I had it.

This toy was important to me because I have longed for it and that was a special gift from my father. I remember playing with it till I was 8 or 9 years old and I have painted lots of things on it. As a kid, no doubt, that was a fascinating and exciting toy for me.

Sample Answer 5:

IELTS Cue Card on A Toy

Well, talking about childhood toys makes me nostalgic. In my perspective, childhood is the golden phase of one’s life, and memories related to it would always hold a special place. Plus what could be more precious than a childhood toy?

Since I was the apple of my family’s eyes, I was fortunate enough to have a myriad of toys, such as dolls, stuffed animals, building blocks, puzzles, handmade toys and many more. However, one toy which was close to my heart was a toy train, which my father gifted me on my 6th birthday.

I vividly remember my first train trip along with my parents, that time I saw an original train for the first time. I was awestruck by its enormous size, fascinating colour, and sound. The first word came from my mouth was, ” I wish if I could have something like this to play with at home”. Just after a couple of months, on my birthday morning, I saw a large gift-wrapped box in my room. I wanted to open it, but out of the blue, all my family members started to sing a birthday song.

Gauging my inquisitiveness, my dad asked me to unwrap it. I was over the moon to see my favourite toy. Immediately I went to my dad and gave him a huge hug. It looked exactly the miniature locomotive, with a cute red steam engine, 3-4 bogies along with some tracks parts. My dad helped me to assemble the train tracks and fix the train. I still remember the sound and lights of my toy train. I was extremely passionate about this battery-operated toy train and used to play now and then. IELTSXPRESS.COM

Although I was possessive about my belongings, I shared this toy with my siblings and buddies. It helped me to develop both my social and motor skills. At that time, we did not have the privilege to play with hi-fi electronic or battery-operated toys, which is readily available to contemporary generation kids.

Only simple toys were our valuable possessions, and I had a whale of a time playing with this toy in my childhood. Moreover, I have a special bonding with this particular toy as it was the first thing my dad gave me without me asking for it, which enhanced both my creativity and imagination.

IELTS Cue Card on A Special Toy

Toys play an integral role in formative years of all children. They help in the development of the brain and also enhance the motor skills. I loved playing with toys when I was a child. In fact I had a room full of toys where I spent most of my time after returning from school.

One of my favourite toys was a Barbie Doll. It was gifted to me by my parents on my 6th birthday. I vividly remember, it was packed in a beautiful pink box when my parents gave it to me. The box had ‘Birthday Pink Barbie” written on top of it. When I opened the box I saw a very pretty Barbie Doll wearing a pink gown, matching shoes and few additional dresses with a comb and makeup kit. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

Since that time the Barbie became my constant companion. I’d play with it every day after returning from school. I loved to change its dress and comb its hair. I treated the doll as my best friend and used to have conversations with it and share my daily school activities with my doll. In fact during holidays I’d pretend to be a teacher and teach the doll as a student for hours together. Imitating the dialogues of my school teacher was full of fun. Taking the doll to bed and narrating bed time stories was a daily routine.

This doll remained my favourite toy for several years. It is still with me as a memorabilia.

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A Special Toy Cue Card Follow-Up Questions

Why do children like to have toys in their lives?
I think toys are the instruments that allow them to discover the world they live in, which is precisely why they interact with their surroundings through toys. Plus, toys provide plenty of enjoyment and happiness, both of which help build their skills. For example, toys promote children ́s cognitive development by stimulating their concentration and memory skills and giving them the ability to solve problems creatively, which is key to their future autonomy.

Do children like to play with toys or computer games nowadays?
I think children nowadays prefer electronic games to toys. Electronic games with audio effects engage children for long hours, and most children are not allowed outside to play without supervision, which is the main reason they choose computers or other electronic games to fulfill their gaming spirit. Also, computer games give scores and levels to motivate children to play more and elevate to higher levels in the game.

What can parents do if they can’t afford a toy for their kids?
I think it is better to stand firm and don’t give in to a child’s pestering. This is because latest toys can overstretch the family budget and many parents might feel under pressure to meet their children’s demands. Therefore, cost is a consideration for most parents, and so is keeping limitations on how much they treat their children. ielts xpre ss

Do girls and boys like the same toys?
No, they don’t. In fact, boys tend to like “wheeled toys”, such as a wagon, or trucks or cars, and play with them in a masculine fashion, while girls have a preference for “plush toys” like Barbie dolls and play with them in a feminine way.

What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of having too many toys at home?
There are many advantages for children who have a lot of toys, but there are also some disadvantages. As for the advantages, children can develop visual sense and basic math skills. However, on the other hand, having too many toys can stop the development of their creativity, and they may not bother to play outside or engage in much physical activity.

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Describe a Special Toy You had in Your Childhood Cue Card

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