Demands for Gas and Oil is Increasing IELTS Essay

Demands for Gas and Oil is Increasing IELTS Essay

Demands for Gas and Oil is Increasing IELTS Essay

Demand for gas and oil is increasing and so finding new sources in remote and untouched areas is a necessity. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.ieltsxpress small logo

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The increased world demand for oil and gas has made it necessary to locate remote areas IELTS Essay

Model Answer 1

Rapid economic expansion and population growth have prompted an increase in energy demand. Many people argue that we should therefore facilitate the exploitation of remote and untouched areas so as to meet the growing demand for fossil fuels. In my opinion, the setbacks outweigh their benefits.ieltsxpress small logo

The benefits of drilling for gas and oil in untapped remote regions relate to poverty eradication and safety. Energy deficiency remains a crucial issue in many parts of the world, such as India and Africa. So, the new sources of fossil fuels will alleviate the power scarcity and an economic boom will be fuelled accordingly. And undoubtedly, it will leave millions of people out of poverty and enlarge the middle-class base. Besides, the extraction of fossil fuel in remote areas means human beings are protected from potential accidents. A case in point is Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Rig. A similar disaster could have killed thousands of people if it was located in a densely populated urban area.

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However, the drawbacks are particularly pertinent to adverse impacts on the environment. The extraction phase of fossil fuels can create a disastrous impact on biodiversity. To illustrate, extraction activity takes a devastating toll on landscapes and the ecosystem as well. Generally, it occupies a vast land for infrastructures like access roads, wells, and pipelines as well as facilities for processing, waste disposal, and waste storage. In consequence, many wildlife habitats, crucial for migration and breeding, become fragmented and get destroyed. Apart from that, active oil and gas wells emit large quantities of carbon dioxide. As a result, carbon dioxide emissions generate heat in the atmosphere and thereby leading to climate change. ieltsxpress

In conclusion, economic prosperity does not eclipse the environmental damages caused by remote gas and oil exploitation especially at a time when the global climate is rapidly getting deteriorated. Therefore, we should look for alternative energy sources.

The global demand for oil and gas is increasing IELTS Essay

Model Answer 2ieltsxpress small logo

Many today believe that the growing demand for fossil fuels justifies the continued exploitation of remote natural landscapes. In my opinion, the advantages of this are enough to warrant its expansion.

The disadvantages all relate to environmental conservation. Firstly, there have been cases of disastrous oil spills spoiling untouched natural preserves. This occurred more than a decade ago in an isolated part of Alaska and resulted in the deaths of thousands of rare species and long-lasting damage to the ecosystem. Secondly, fossil fuel exploitation, in general, should not be encouraged at a time when the Earth is facing a potentially cataclysmic reckoning with the effects of climate change. The last untouched areas of the planet should be left in peace and not greedily consumed to feed a problem that is growing more dangerous daily.ieltsxpress small logo

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On the other hand, the advantages of drilling for oil and gas in less populated regions relate to economics and safety. Many countries, particularly developing ones, are reliant on oil and gas to prop up their economies. Losing the revenue from these industries would not only affect the companies themselves but they would pay fewer taxes and employ fewer people, who would then contribute less to the consumer economy. The second justification is safety. Companies will continue to drill for oil and gas but if they do it in residential areas there is the potential for human contamination, especially when it comes to more dangerous practices such as fracking. By limiting drilling to remote regions, the human population is safely protected from the risk of spills and increased air pollution. ielts xpress

In conclusion, the environmental risks do not outweigh the benefits to the economy and the citizenry that accrue from remote oil and gas exploitation. There should be protocols to protect the environment but these must be balanced against humanity’s precedence over nature.ieltsxpress small logo

With the increasing demand for energy sources of oil and gas Essay

Model Answer 3

As countries around the world continue to modernize and develop, there is more consumerism, industry, and transport and a corresponding need for more gas and oil. One option to meet this demand is to find it in otherwise untouched and remote places, such as the North Pole. However, I believe that doing this is not the right solution.ieltsxpress small logo

There are benefits to such a strategy. This is firstly the fact that people wish to improve their living standards, particularly in developing countries, and fuels such as oil and gas allow this as they enable the heating of homes, the running of cars and planes, and the production of goods. All of these result in higher living standards, and thus we need to keep finding new sources since we will eventually run out.ieltsxpress small logo

However, despite this, there are major problems with exploiting untouched and remote locations. One issue is that we will end up potentially jeopardizing what are beautiful landscapes. For instance, an area which countries would like to drill is the Antarctic, home to many glaciers and animals such as polar bears and penguins. Drilling here would harm the habitat, and in particular, any spillages would be disastrous to the environment.

Not only this, due to health issues and global warming we should no longer be seeking to use such forms of energy. It is evident that the use of these fuels on a wide scale has led to the pollution of many cities and the subsequent poor health of its citizens where car use is so high. Also, carbon dioxide is getting released into the atmosphere, and this may be endangering our very existence. Therefore, we should be aiming to utilize more eco-friendly options such as wind and sun for power and electricity for cars.

To conclude, although there is an advantage of finding new places to get oil and gas, which is that we can sustain and improve our living standards, the negative impacts outweigh this as we will damage those environments, as well as continue to harm our health and the planet.

IELTS Oil and Natural Resources Shortage Essay

Model Answer 4

Drilling for oil and gas around the world is a source of significant income but, at the same time, it is placing increasing pressure upon the global environment. There is a race for seeking these resources in remote and previously untouched areas such as Alaska and Antarctica. However, I firmly believe that the cons of tapping these resources outweigh the pros. A number of arguments surround my opinion.ieltsxpress small logo

It is irrefutable that fossil fuels helped to drive the industrial revolution and increase our luxuries, their extraction has caused a terrible impact on the environment and continues to damage this planet. The main problem with the extraction of fossil fuels is that the transportation of these fuels can be very expensive. A lot of infrastructure is required with pipelines and shipping routes stretching thousands of kilometers.

Furthermore, sometimes accidents can occur when these materials are taken overseas. These accidents are not only expensive to the human pocket but also harm the environment in an immeasurable way. An example of this is the spill which took place in 1989 in Alaska. This was the largest spill in the history of the United States. About 2,800 sea otters and 250,000 seabirds were killed by the spill. Harbor seals, bald eagles, killer whales, and salmon were also greatly affected.ieltsxpress small logo

The final problem would be the greenhouse effect. The extraction and use of fossil fuels are causing global warming. This is because when we use fossil fuels, it causes carbon dioxide, water vapor, ozone, nitrous oxide, halocarbon gases, and methane to collect in the upper layers of the atmosphere which causes the greenhouse effect. We have to use alternative sources of energy which are non-polluting otherwise the whole Earth will very soon transform into a boiling pot.

To conclude, there is no doubt that fossil fuels are a very important resource in these times and because of them, we have many luxuries such as cars, heating, electricity, running water, and many more. But we cannot forget that our biggest luxury is our planet and it is being damaged by the excessive extraction and use of these fuels. This is why people around the world should support the use of renewable resources. By doing this, we will not only have a chance to restore the environment but can also still have a comfortable and much healthier way of life.ieltsxpress small logo

IELTS Writing Task 2 Environment Topic

Model Answer 5

It is undeniable that the world is increasingly demanding a vast amount of energy resources such as oil and natural gas in today’s era. Consequently, the drilling for these resources has become a significant source of income for people around the world. At the same time, this phenomenon has caused increased pressure on the global environment. Therefore, I firmly believe that the disadvantages of this phenomenon outweigh the advantages.

It is irrefutable that the extraction of natural resources like oil and gas hosts several benefits, such as the industrial revolution, which will also help citizens get employment opportunities. Among fossil fuels, oil has a high energy density and is easily available to produce various forms of energy. Moreover, the drilling of oil from the underground creates more gasoline supplies. As a result, it also reduces fuel prices. Overall, these natural resources contribute to the economic growth and sustainable development of the country.

ieltsxpress small logoHowever, the primary disadvantage of extracting these resources is that they will cause significant environmental damage. In addition, there are detrimental adverse effects on nature, such as global warming and climate change, due to the extraction of natural resources. The excessive use of fossil fuels, oil and gas extraction leads to a surge in global temperatures affecting the green areas. Therefore, exploitation of the green regions and drilling natural resources will threaten humankind as more and more diseases will spread quickly, affecting human health. Subsequently, the ecosystem will be disturbed due to human intervention.

To reiterate, although the extraction of natural resources has certain benefits, it also has a wide range of drawbacks on the ecosystem, which outweighs the benefits. Thus, in my opinion, humans should stop exploring undiscovered lands to extract natural resources and search for alternative sources.ieltsxpress small logo

IELTS Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages Essay

Model Answer 6

There is a race for seeking oil and gas resources in remote and previously untouched areas such as Alaska and Antarctica. However, I firmly believe that the disadvantages of tapping these resources outweigh the advantages.

The main downside to extracting oil and gas deposits found in remote and untouched locations is the environmental impact. Regions like Antarctica have a profound impact on the earth’s global climate. For example, the melting of ice and glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctica can lead to rise in the sea level and thus increase the risk of submergence of low-lying islands. Moreover, such activities endanger the unique and exotic flora and fauna of these regions as they lead to the destruction of their natural habitats. For example, the Exxon Valdez spill that took place in Alaska killed thousands of marine animals and birds like sea otters, seals, bald eagles, killer whales etc. ieltsxpress

In addition, this also impacts the economy of these areas because it harms their principal industries like commercial fishing and tourism. Such activities destroy the pristine nature of such regions and thereby reduce their appeal among tourists. Similarly, oil exploration interferes with fishing and thereby might take away local people’s livelihood. Finally, the extraction of fossil fuels in these remote areas is more expensive because of the costs associated with the transportation of these fuels. A lot of infrastructures is required, with pipelines and shipping routes stretching thousands of kilometers. ieltsxpress small logo

On the other hand, oil drilling in these remote areas has a few advantages as well. The first benefit of oil drilling is that the process of drilling itself and the development of land after the extraction helps in creating jobs for locals. Secondly, it would lead to the development of the areas as it would increase the connectivity of these areas with the rest of the country.

To sum up, although there are a few advantages of oil and gas exploration in remote places, the disadvantages are far more.ieltsxpress small logo

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Demands for Gas and Oil is Increasing IELTS Essay

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