economic progress is the only way to measure a country's success ielts essay

Economic Progress is the only Way to Measure a Country’s Success

Economic Progress is the only way to Measure a Country’s Success

Some people think that economic progress is the only way to measure a country’s success, while others think that there are other factors which determine it. What are these factors? And among them, which one is more important than others?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

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Some people think that economic progress is the only way to measure a country’s success IELTS Essay

Model Answer 1

It is widely believed that a successful country is one with a thick wallet. However, thorough scrutiny will reveal that there are many other parameters to assess the success of a nation, which are slightly less visible as compared to economic power. ielts xpress

The first among such factors is the distribution of wealth among citizens. In many countries, there exist a wide disparity in the financial status of people. While some are extremely rich, the remaining people are as poor as a church mouse. India epitomizes this category. Though India has some of the world’s richest people and a strong economy, the country, overall, is yet not developed.

Yet another factor, in my opinion, is social security. There are many countries in the world, which are under constant siege by civil wars, internal conflicts, religious riots, and other crimes of umpteen natures and proportions. Therefore, for a country, to be termed successful, it is highly necessary to ensure proper enforcement of rules and regulations.

Some other important factors which decide the success of a nation are the literacy rate, the health status of people, technological advancement, and gender equality. However, economic status is the main indicator of the success of a country. This is mainly because for all other key fields like education, health, and technology, money is required. In other words, only money can ensure the all-round development of a nation. IELTSXpress

As a whole, one can undoubtedly say that money alone cannot ensure the success of a nation though it is the key component of success.

Economic progress is the only way to measure a nation’s success IELTS Essay

Model Answer 2

Many economists, politicians and people around the world use economic progress as the only yardstick for evaluating a country’s progress. Others, however, consider other factors, such as education, healthcare, freedom of speech, to measure a country’s advancement. In my opinion, education exceeds all other factors in importance.

Access to education, freedom of speech, and healthcare should seriously be taken into consideration when assessing a nation’s success. Education for all citizens is pivotal to the success of a country. Freedom of speech is another crucial factor to certainly be considered. Freedom of speech promotes democracy, this, in turn, fosters prosperity in every facet of a nation. A very good example here is the Arab spring. Despite the tremendous economic success, many Arab nations are in severe crisis due to the absence of democracy. Aside from freedom of speech, the healthcare system is also an indicator to evaluate a nation’s achievement. A good healthcare system, measured by a reduced mortality rate to easy access to medical services, denotes the progress of a country.

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Among these indicators, however, the right to education is the most effective way to measure a nation’s success. This is because education frees poor people from poverty, reduces inequalities and income disparities, empowers women, and creates a conducive environment for individuals to unlock their full potential. It also reaps considerable economic benefit to a country and helps societies to facilitate lasting peace and sustainable development. In fact, access to education is the key to all human rights, which in turn, pave the way for the success of a country. That is why the right to education is the most powerful factor in measuring a country’s achievement.

In conclusion, education proves to be a significant indicator to measure a nation’s success. However, other factors such as economic progress, healthcare facility and freedom of speech, also determine the prosperity of a country.

Economic Progress Country’s Success IELTS Essay

Model Answer 3

It is irrefutable that economic progress is one yardstick of determining a country’s success, but there is a range of other non-economic factors such as healthcare, the standard of education and availability of human rights which can be used to judge the well-being of a nation. I believe that the standard of education is the most important factor. IELTS Xpress

One of the main factors besides economic progress which determine a country’s development is the standard of education. The standard of education is important because a society to truly progress needs inquisitive minds. In other words, education should focus on innovation and curiosity. Moreover, I think there should be good teaching and institutions right from the primary level to the tertiary level.

Another factor which is important is healthcare. A healthy workforce is not only more productive and efficient but also more creative and innovative. Healthcare should be complete with a focus on wellness, prevention to cure. Besides healthcare, I think that the availability of basic human rights is fundamental to a progressive society. Fundamental human rights are essential for people to achieve their true potential and for a society to develop. For example, a society where people are not able to express themselves freely can certainly not develop and progress.

I believe that out of all the factors listed above, the standard of education is the most important. Education in way determines other factors like economic progress and healthcare and even availability of rights. An educated society would mean an efficient and creative workforce and thus a good economy. Similarly, education is critical to a good healthcare system, in the sense that doctors and nurses need to be educated first before they can treat others. Last but not least, an educated is society is more liberal and democratic and thus more accepting of everyone’s rights.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that although many factors can be used to measure a country’s progress, I consider that level of education to be the most significant.

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Economic Progress Factors IELTS Essay

Model Answer 4

Nowadays, many experts and global organisations are finding a united definition of a country’s success. It is believed that economic development as GDP growth will illustrate the achievement of a country. Meanwhile, some people put forward the idea that besides this factor, the existence other features that have a stronger impact on that. As far as I am concerned that the latter opinion should receive more support.

First, it is obvious that for most countries, the political institution plays a critical role in creating a country’s all-round development. This is because it might be a momentous leadership promoting the progress of other important areas such as education, economics, equal and safe society, science and technology. If a country exists in an undemocratic regime, it might be able to lead to the corruptible problem, social inequality, and even occurring advocacy groups phenomenon in the political environment and that means the country does not keep pace with the fast-paced development of globalisation and therefore impeding the country’s economic and social growth. This is particularly important in poor countries like Haiti, South Korea, Congo and so forth.

That is not to say that economic progress is not an assessment of a nation’s success. It is due to the fact that economic factor exerts an essential influence on mirroring the successful level of countries in the world. For example, today’s economists and governments have still used GDP, GNP and CPI index in order to estimate countries’ development. However, once a nation gives priority to accelerate the economics, this may lead to increasing the gap between the poor and the rich, high inflation, economy-based crimes, and an unstable society. So, governments should choose a stable growth corresponded to a prosperous society and economy. ieltsxpress

In summary, the country should create sustainable and successful progress in many areas based on the collaborative and democratic institution and thus by making the society more prosperous and happy. Meanwhile, we should not neglect to invest effectively in economic development.

Two Questions Sample IELTS Essay

Model Answer 5

It is true that economic growth is normally considered a strong indicator of a nation’s success. However, many people think, that other factors such as equality and freedom are no less significant. To my way of thinking, I tend to believe that how the disadvantaged are treated tells the most about a nation.

For a variety of reasons, the majority of us equate economic development with success. Perhaps chief among these is that a strong economy is mistakenly viewed as the prerequisite for any advancement in any other field. Although things like the quality of education and medical accessibility need to be backed up by a strong economy, prioritizing economic development often leads to neglecting the imminent needs in the educational and medical sectors. Economic success is by no means the only index of success.

Conversely, a country’s success should be measured in other dimensions such as the quality of life of an average citizen, the success in reducing poverty. An overall economic success does not always guarantee that the wealth created is distributed fairly and equally among all residents.  In developing countries, corruption and exploitation mean that the wealth is in the hands of the privileged minority. This leaves the poor struggling to put food on the table let alone live a decent life.


Importantly, any country’s attitude to its less advantaged citizens is the strongest implication of its success, as this requires not only economic well-being but a great deal of civilization. For example, in most of developed countries, building designs are being modified to allow access to disabled persons, and there are also laws for paid leaves for expecting mothers. Those sorts of things are missed out in developing countries, despite the recent economic successes.

In conclusion, although economic success is critical, there are other key factors to consider when measuring a country’s success. Personally, I think the way the less privileged are looked after is the strongest indicator.

Economic GDP Factors IELTS Essay

Model Answer 6

There is a common belief that development is all about achieving economic growth. If we use this yardstick, western countries are the most developed in the world. Some people, however, believe that economic growth is just one of the many factors that contribute to the development of a nation. I agree with this view. In my opinion, the overall quality of life and the freedom that people enjoy in a country are all important factors to consider.

Some Middle Eastern countries are economically developed; however, they have authoritative governments that give little importance to personal freedom. In many of these countries, people cannot speak about the government or express their opinions on the internet. The plight of their women is even worse. They are deprived of education and many of them don’t even have the right to vote. In my opinion, in spite of their economic growth, these countries cannot be considered developed. ieltsxpress

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Countries in the west are generally considered developed because of their prosperity and improved standards of living. In these countries, too, many people experience loneliness and lead unhappy lives. It is evident that all that prosperity does nothing to improve their lives.

Economic growth is important. People should be able to satisfy their basic necessities and lead healthy and happy lives. However, economic development alone won’t make a nation developed. Safety, happiness and freedom of speech and expression are all important things to consider.

To conclude, economic prosperity is just one of the many factors that determine the success or development of a nation. The overall quality of life is determined by a lot of other factors. These include access to quality education, healthcare, safety and freedom.

Some people think that economic progress is the only way to measure a country’s success, while others think that there are other factors which determine it

Model Answer 7

The relative success of different countries is usually defined in economic terms. There are several other factors, apart from the economy, that could be used to assess a country, and in my opinion, education is the most important of all.

Standards of education, health and individual human rights should certainly be considered when measuring a country’s status. A good education system is vital for the development of any nation, with schools, colleges and universities bearing the responsibility for the quality of future generations of workers. Healthcare provision is also an indicator of the standard of living within a country, and this can be measured by looking at average life expectancy rates or availability of medical services. Finally, human rights and levels of equality could be taken into account. For example, a country in which women do not have the same opportunities as men might be considered less successful than a country with better gender equality.

In my view, a country’s education system should be seen as the most important indicator of its success and level of development. This is because education has a considerable effect on the other two factors mentioned above. It affects people’s health in the sense that doctors and nurses need to be trained, and scientists need to be educated to the highest levels before they can carry out medical research. It also affects the economy in the sense that a well-educated workforce will allow a variety of companies and industries to flourish, leading to trade with other countries, and increased wealth.

In conclusion, nations can be assessed and compared in a variety of ways, but I would argue that the standard of a country’s education system is the best measure of its success.

Economic Progress Country’s Measure

Model Answer 8

The world-famous philosopher Socrates once said, ‘’The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance’’. Numerous people commonly believed that economic progress is the exclusive element to evaluate a nation’s success. On the other hand, many individuals think other categories should be observed to measure a country’s success. From my perspective, education is and always will be the backbone of any country’s progress, and other factors such as healthcare, safety, and transportation are significant. Below, the following essay will extend these views with arguments and illustrations.

Firstly, the quality of life attached to effective public services are crucial factors to measure a country’s success. Health services, a well-structured transportation system, a clean environment, safety, and diverse job opportunities are vital to ensure the wellness of civilians. If any of those categories is fragmented a vast number of the country’s population could be affected decreasing the quality of the daily workforce. A recent study made by the University of British Columbia found that developing countries victims of white-collar crime and other types of corruption were not inclined to invest properly in their society. Thus, the crime rate was high, the public health score was low, and the country’s environment tended to face higher challenges compared to developed nations.

Secondly, education is the most significant factor to prove economic progress. Whereas diverse elements are important to develop the quality of life, education is the core of all those factors. Without well-educated citizens, a country can face the absence of high-performing professionals. People without education tend to harm the environment. Likewise, values in illiterate people and low-educated citizens have been scientifically proven not to be strong. Hence, population problems such as overpopulation, crime, and diseases are on a large scale.

In conclusion, education is the main significant factor to measure a country’s success. However, other elements such as transportation, jobs, health, and security are powerful drivers playing a fundamental role in people’s lives.

Ideas for Economic Progress is the only way to measure Nation’s Success IELTS Essay

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Economic Progress is the only Way to Measure a Country's Success

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