The education of young people is highly prioritized in many countries IELTS Essay

Education of Young People is Highly Prioritized Essay

Education of Young People is Highly Prioritized IELTS Essay

Education of young people is highly prioritized in many countries. However, educating adults who cannot write or read is even more important and governments should spend more money on this. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Education of Young People is Highly Prioritized IELTS Writing Task 2

In this contemporary modern world, one imagine illiteracy of young adults in several countries; ironically, it still exists. Many people assert that additional funding should be arranged to get rid of this, as it is mandatory to educate all adults. Though, many other people do not agree with this statement; however, I agree with this point and will jot down both the perspectives in this essay.

As per recent survey done by national newspaper, 5% of the world population is not educated and out of them 3 % of young adult. This is stigma to our society; because, education should of integral part of society and there could be various repercussions if young adults are not educated. This is also directly link to their livelihood, as it is extremely difficult to earn enough money if you cannot even read or write. This can also surge crime rates if young adults are unemployed, they will tend to commit crimes to steal money. With that said, government must pay attention to this problem pertaining to the education of young adult and take swift actions to alleviate this illiteracy issue, as well as, allocate adequate budget to tackle this problem. ielt s xpr ess

Admittedly, education should commence at the childhood stage rather than adulthood stage; because, by that time it is not only complex to teach them, but also, it will take significant time as well. In addition to this, government should also enable stringent rules against child labor, so that they can go to school rather than work. By this way, process of education will be smooth and no one will face illiteracy once they cross teenage. Moreover, this method will also save significant money, efforts and time to make young adult literate.

Based upon aforementioned points, I would like to recapitulate that education is fundamental right of humans and all countries of this world must ensure the education of their indigenous illiterate adult people at any cost. This should be topmost priority and proper financial budget should be allocated for the same.

IELTS Essay Education of Young People is Highly Prioritized

Sample Essay 2

Educating the young has always been the main focus in many countries. However, some argue that whether this should be the time for governments to pay attention and invest more in the literal education for adults as the number of people who cannot read and write are increasing nowadays. In my opinion, I believe that the authority should continue to focus on the developing of young generations rather than spending money on this particular group of adults.

To begin with, it is absolutely unnecessary to put revenue on the education of the grown-ups for their reading and writing problems. As these people usually accept low-average occupations which unnoticeably contribute to the nation, investing in teaching this portion of population seems to be pointless. Additionally, reading and writing skills are only required in academic purposes. Thus, there is no reason for these individuals to study when they are mainly in need of speaking ability to communicate in a daily basis. IELTSXPRESS.COM

On the contrary, concentrating on delivering high level education to young people brings substantial benefits to the growth of countries in the future. Firstly, since young students are the potential workforce, investing more budget in the studying of the young will assure a great supply of high-skilled workers in majors that surely return the national revenue an enormous favor. Secondly, since young people learn faster and more effectively, the money to pay for tutors and institutes should not be as costly as the adults’ education for they need more efforts from teachers in their study. This means that governments will save a great deal of money when they choose to focus on young generations’ education.

In conclusion, I believe that governments should spend money on young students rather than investing in the education of people who cannot read and write.

Education of Young People is Highly Prioritized in many countries IELTS Essay

Sample Essay 3

It is an irrefutable fact that educating children is of utmost importance in this age of tough competition. However, a few people hold the opinion that more money should be spent on educating adults who are unable to read and write. I partially agree with the given statement. I will explain my view in this essay.

On the one hand, a country’s progress depends on the education level of the children. If more children are educated in a country that means there will be more engineers, teachers, doctors and scientists. All these professionals will help to increase the economy of the country. So, we need to make sure that more children acquire education to secure the future of the nation. ieltsxpress

On the other hand, adults who cannot read and write constitute a considerable proportion of our population. If money is not spent on educating them, they will not be able to earn a livelihood in this competitive world. As a result, many of them will eventually turn to crime leading to an increase in the crime rate. Therefore, it is essential that we take urgent measures and invest funds to educate these adults so that they are able to find respectable jobs for themselves. Eventually, they will be able to support the progress of the nation instead of becoming a liability.

To conclude, I believe that an equal amount of funds / money should be spent on educating children and illiterate adults because everyone’s contribution is required for the overall development of a country.

Nowadays, many countries all over the world expend part of their national budgets to improve education for young people as it is one of the most demographic factors of nations’ development. However, there are also some arguments that educating illiterate adults also deserves to receive more attention and investigation from governments. This bellow essay will discuss both sides from my point of view.

Increasing of literacy rate of adults brings a whole host of positive impacts for the society undoubtedly. Firstly, this campaign will help illiterate classes to have a chance to get a better job and change their life, as a majority of companies requires their employees to know how to read and write. Thus, it will provide more staff members for any workplaces, which is definitely a great boon for society especially in some countries struggling with lacking of young workers like Japan and other European ones.

On the contrary, this trend also has a range of disadvantages. As most of the adult population have more duties to carry on, for instance, taking care of their grandchildren or doing housework, they do not have enough time left for studying. In addition, some of them will assume that at their ages, they no longer have to learn how to read and write or broaden knowledge because they feel they still can live happily without these skills. As a result, although the government spends lots of money and efforts to increase the number of literate adults, it may not receive a relevant result as the adult classes do not consider it is something necessary for their life.

To sum up, from the above arguments, the education of adults is absolutely a significant thing in any country. However, governments should pay attention to raise higher awareness about studying in the older generation to receive more successful results.

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Education of Young People is Highly Prioritized Essay

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