Fast food is a part of life in many places ielts essay (1)

Fast Food is a Part of Life in Many Places

Fast food is a part of life in many places IELTS Essay

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Fast food is a part of life in many places. Some people think this has bad effects on lifestyle and diet.

Do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1

Fast foods have invaded our lives by ruling majorly over younger generations. Fast food has made the common man addicted to its taste and thus have become an integral part of the lifestyle and diet of the people. Few people propound that, this trend is hazardous for the health of the people. I too think on the same grounds and the upcoming paragraphs will elucidate my viewpoint with the relevant examples.

The modern era is witnessing a bombardment of medley of fast foods. People are so intoxicated by the taste of Pizzas and burgers that they are ignoring the negative effects these foods have on their health. To commence with, most of the younger generation are fond of indulging themselves in the consumption of fast foods, regular consumption of these kinds of food is leading to serious heath related ailments, like, variations in blood pressure, high cholesterol level, deficiency in vital vitamins and minerals, and the list go on. Hence, fast food consumption is adversely affecting the diet patterns of the common man.

Furthermore, fast food is causing lifestyle diseases. To commence with, fast food is making individuals lethargic and lazy, people fail to do required physical exercise due to which they become over weight, on the top of this, people regularly consume some or the other type of fast food which works as a fuel in fire. For example, a person working nine hours a day, devouring fast foods and doing no physical exercise will tend to develop obesity in the long run. Therefore, ingestion of fast food hampers the living practices of the people as a whole.

To recapitulate, I would envisage by saying that, eating fast food is undoubtedly thwarting the common man from living a blissful and healthy life.

Model Answer 2

In contemporary settings, more and more people have formed the habit of eating fast food frequently / at regular intervals, and under this circumstance, some people believe that this will exert adverse influence on individuals’ health. I partly agree with them, since I believe that maintaining such dietary habits will generate both positive and negative influence on individuals’ lifestyle and diets in equal measure.

On the one hand, being on a diet of fast food enables individuals to live a relatively easier and convenient lifestyle. This is mainly because most citizens are confronted with increasingly serious competition in the workplace and as a result, for the sake of maintaining / protecting their job security, most of them have to resort to working overtime. Subsisting on eating in fast food restaurants matches such daily routines better, since this can extricate them from the trouble of cooking at home and thus help them save time.

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On the other hand, maintaining such dietary habits generates more health problems. To be more specific, it is generally acknowledged that fast food is excessively rich in sugar and fat which takes a toll on individuals’ health, and this has been proven by the fact that more and more people with such eating habits are suffering from some diseases such as high blood pressure or obesity. Also, to increase the shelf life of these foods, some additives are added to them, but the chemicals contained in these additives cause fatal illnesses such as heart attack and cancer in people.

Conversely, most home-cooked food is made from fresh fruits and vegetables, and its ingredients are controlled at a reasonable level. This ensures that they are rich in vitamins and minerals, which are very beneficial to people’ health. ieltsxpress

In conclusion, while eating fast food suits the hectic lifestyle of people, this dietary habit also leads to some health problems.

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Fast food is a part of life in some places IELTS Essay – Model Answer 3

Many individuals feel that the widespread proliferation of fast food negatively impacts both lifestyles and eating habits. I am in complete agreement.

Firstly, as a result of fast food consumption, lifestyles are more passive. Before such restaurants, it was more common for consumers to buy raw ingredients and prepare nutritious meals at home. This occurs less often now as fast food offers a cheap, quick alternative. Over time, this can lead to worsening cooking skills and a generally more lethargic lifestyle predicated around ordering meals and watching TV shows and movies. Moreover, the ingredients in fast food are often empty calories that do not provide the vitamins and minerals necessary to support an active lifestyle. A person who eats McDonald’s and KFC most days is more likely to lack energy and be unproductive.

Secondly, fast food is one of the least healthy possible additions to an individual’s diet. Healthy foods tend to be fresh fruits and vegetables and fast food consists largely of preservatives, chemicals and addictive fats, sugars and carbohydrates. Even eating a single fast food meal a day has been shown in numerous independent research studies to increase the risk of diseases ranging from diabetes and cardiovascular disease to cancer and obesity. Fast food companies have recognized this themselves and now offer healthy alternatives such as mini-salads to appeal to an increasingly health conscious public. ieltsxpress

In conclusion, the evidence for the negative impact of fast foods is nearly irrefutable as it encourages a more sedentary lifestyle and is high in harmful fats and sugars. Whenever possible, individuals should resist the immediate gratification of fast food.

Model Answer 4

Consumption of fast food has become a way of life in certain areas, which is taking its toll on the lifestyle and eating habits of people. I do agree that the life of masses and youngsters in particular is being compromised.

The effect of junk food popularly known as fast food, is evident due to the incidence of obesity in recent years. The high fat and carbohydrate content in these eatables is the main area of concern that affects the body. Additionally, obesity invites lethargy and other diseases.The taste enhancers used in these edible products contain carcinogens which is responsible for the increase in the incidence of dreadful diseases like cancer.Recent studies have shown an incline in the case of cancer as compared to the past.

The easy availability and access via home deliveries has greatly affected the lifestyles of people. Where less and less people cook and consume fresh food. This is also leading to early occurrence of ailments like hypertension and heart diseases due to high cholesterol levels of young people. Which in turn disturbs and greatly hampers the quality of life. Moreover, unknowingly a huge amount of money is also expended due to this. Therefore, pinching the pocket and leading to a drop in the standard of living.

The crux of the content is that the change in habits of masses has brought about the new trend where fast food is becoming the staple food.Thus , depriving the body of natural and nutrient food. Automatically declining the overall health of masses.

Ideas for Fast Food IELTS Essay

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Fast Food is a Part of Life in Many Places

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