Full Time University Students Spend A Lot Of Time Studying

Full Time University Students Spend A Lot Of Time Studying

Full Time University Students Spend A Lot Of Time Studying IELTS Essay

Full time university students spend a lot of time studying. Some say they should do other activities too. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

You should spend about 40 minutes on this question. You should give reasons for your answer, and include ideas and examples from your own knowledge and experience.

Write at least 250 words.

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India 11th June 2022

Full Time University Students Spend A Lot Of Time Studying Essay

Sample Answer 1

Some today feel that university students should focus completely on their studies, while others feel it is important to have a diverse range of interests and activities. In my opinion, extracurriculars are a key part of the university experience.

Those who advocate students dedicating themselves solely to academics can point out the singular learning opportunity. An undergraduate is typically paying large sums of money, burdening themselves with student debt in most cases, in order to become an expert in a given field. This is the only period in life they will have to study a single, chosen subject without the pressures of work. Freedom from a job allows them to invest fully in academics and learn the theories and skills that will form the basis of their entire professional career. Some would argue that there is little value in diluting this experience by taking on other responsibilities. ieltsxpress

Nonetheless, outside activities are also an important element of higher education. There are countless examples of successful individuals who joined a comedy or art club unrelated to their major and later ended up working in that field. Even those who do not receive such tangible rewards from their extracurriculars can learn a lot. For example, a student may opt to become involved with a local charity, university initiative or work a part-time job. These will all be formative experiences and may be more memorable and useful for them than the subject they study. Many graduates today switch career paths soon after university regardless, so the respective value of these other activities will increase as they look back on their college experience and recognise what was truly instrumental in their development.

In conclusion, though university is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to focus on a single subject, I believe finding activities outside the classroom also has value. Students should prioritise academics but not ignore the full breadth of learning experiences on offer.

IELTS Essay on Students Spend a lot of Time Studying

Sample Answer 2

In universities, students expend a lot of time heeding to their studies, and the importance of education has never been in doubt. But, some people argue that students should also focus on extracurricular activities during their college days. In this essay, I will discuss why I agree with the former perspective. ieltsxpr ess

Firstly, the purpose of attending universities is to enhance and polish one’s knowledge. Hence, students spend a significant amount of time and effort in preparing for lectures, examinations and subsequent academic activities, which pertain to the bookish nature of the subject. Focusing on exams, if you score high and do well, you have a higher chance of getting a good job. Hence, spending time studying is a way to learn skills pertaining to one’s field of study.

Secondly, to spend time seeking knowledge also aids a person’s thinking and thought processes. For instance, mathematics is often beneficial to incite a deeper state of thinking in specific individuals, just like psychology facilitates introspection. It is a notable step towards self-actualisation, something that almost every human being tries to fulfil.

However, extracurricular activities are also deemed an excellent way to acquire skills resulting in success in life. For instance, sports is a great way to imbibe discipline and a healthy lifestyle. But, concentrating more on studies in the university is indeed essential because one carries through their purpose of attaining knowledge.

To sum up, it is crucial to acknowledge the importance of extracurricular activities in one’s life. However, during the college and university years, a student must devote a significant amount of time towards his studies.

Students should do other activities IELTS Essay

Sample Answer 3

Students tend to be under too much pressure and have to deal with multiple challenges day in and day out. Undergraduate students attending full-time universities spend most of their time studying. However, some feel that they should use it for other purposes as well. I fully agree with the statement about the benefits of hobbies for the body and mental health.

To begin with, in order to provide students with a better future, full-time programs are too demanding. For a student, this is a big responsibility. For this reason, many people are always taking lessons and doing homework. For instance, some of them have scholarships to pay for university education. It is then important to maintain certain grades in each subject. Since it is not possible to fail a test, some may have to practice more than average before their exams. However, at the end of the school year, many potential students burn out.

On the other hand, due to health problems, undergraduates should increase their leisure time. For example, yoga, sports, and even playing puzzle games are some of the recommended activities to improve body and brain activity. Since regular exercise is the best way to avoid problems in the future, meditation and listening to music can reduce mental stress. Some others might prefer to spend time with their families and friends because they share common interests. Also, reading at the end of a long learning journey can help people keep thinking about the same topic. In addition, hobbies are known to reduce stress and anxiety. IELTSXpress

In conclusion, while many students put in the extra effort to build their future, it’s important to increase their free hours. Performing any activity after a few hours of focus can be extremely rewarding.

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Full Time University Students Spend A Lot Of Time Studying

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