People Decide to Have Children Later in Their Life IELTS Essay

People Decide to have Children later in their Life Essay

People Decide to have Children later in their Life IELTS Essay

Nowadays, more and more people decide to have children later in their life. What do you think are the reasons for this? Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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People Decide to have Children later in their Life IELTS Essay – Model Essay 1

With paradigm shifts in social beliefs and people’s fascination with careers, they tend to become parents at a later stage. Several reasons are responsible for this, and I believe that it has more negative consequences.

To begin with, the average year when people get married those days has increased significantly. As a result, childbirth is naturally delayed. According to a recent survey, many young people who start their career after their graduation are more focused on their jobs than having their own family. Besides, many young people are undecided whether to marry or not. Eventually, when they get married, many of them are already in their mid-thirties, and they take some time to settle and have some financial stability before having their first child. Furthermore, the old belief that a girl should manage a family and have children earlier have changed, and more wives work in offices than ever. The decline of the joint family has also contributed to this trend as couples solely decide to have a baby, unlike in the past.

If we notice the severe detrimental impacts this trend has, we would surely try to reverse it. The most cynical outcome of this trend is the number of couples who struggles to become parents. It is scientifically proved that the infertility rate among couples is higher who try to become pregnant after their mid-thirties. Some of the couples eventually break up their marriages due to this, and it brings unfathomable social problems. Furthermore, having a child in the early years of marriage make the couple more family-oriented and this eventually help them have a better future.

To conclude, late marriage, nuclear family structure, and more focus on jobs are the main reasons people become parents at a later stage in their lives. I think this trend has more adverse results than its positive outcome. So it is expected that married people would carefully consider different negative and positive aspects of having babies later in their life.


Parenthood Topic IELTS Essay – Model Essay 2

These days many couples decide to have babies at least a few years later since their marriage. I believe career, social changes, escalating living expenses, and increased life expectancy are some of the major reasons behind this trend. In my belief advantages of having children later in life outweigh its demerits.

To commence with, a growing number of people, including women, are now serious about their career development. This is perhaps the primary reason they do not expect to have children in the early stage of their marriage. It is intuitively obvious that with huge competition, unemployment and economic crisis, people around the world are constantly worried about their careers and salary. As a result, many decide to postpone their first childbirth. Secondly, women empowerment and social changes have altered the old way of life where a woman’s sole responsibility was to look after the children. Since many wives are working these days, they decide to take babies after they reach a certain position in their career.

Furthermore, social belief regarding giving birth to children has changed dramatically, and people are more concerned about the living expenses than the number of babies they have, unlike in the past. Finally, enhanced life expectancy has also contributed to this trend as people believe they can wait a little longer to have their first baby.

Undeniably, people who choose to concentrate on their career first and then have babies can take better care of their children due to ample career and economic freedom. Having offspring early in life can escalate the expenditures and financial responsibilities of parents. Moreover, if they do not spend enough time with children, they grow up with psychological issues. Thus, by having early children, young parents might put their careers at a risk as well as the future of their children. Reversely, having offspring in early life have few advantages. Such parents have new members in their family and their isolation would be extirpated and they will become more family-oriented.

In conclusion, despite the pleasure of having a new baby in the early years of marriage, parents who decide to have babies later can focus on their career, fulfill financial goals and have sufficient time to spend with the family.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 on Having a Child Later – Model Essay 3

In modern society, there has been a major concern that many couples have delayed parenthood. Some explanations for this social trend will be put forward before an analysis of its impacts on society and family life is given.

A few reasons can be given to justify the trend of giving birth at later stages of life. First, the labour market is increasingly competitive, and it is a norm that young parents defer having children to devote the whole time in the first years of their employment to lay a sound foundation for their future career. Second, it is believed that children are raised better by older parents. This seems valid since older fathers and mothers are generally wealthier, more experienced, and more willing to take the responsibility of bringing up a child.

The trend exerts both advantageous and disadvantageous influence on society and families. On the one hand, children born to more prosperous and experienced parents can receive a better and more comprehensive education, and thus contribute more to society when they grow up. In each household, the parents may also reap the benefits of this trend, as their first working years are not interrupted by pregnancy and childcare. On the other hand, when an aged couple decides to give birth, there are serious health risks for the woman in the prenatal and postnatal period. If any complicated maternal health problem arises, the life whole family would be turned upside down.

To conclude, the tendency to have children at later ages is caused by a number of factors, such as the competitiveness of the job market for young adults, and both the positive and negative impacts of it can be seen in families and society.

People Decide to have Children Later – Model Essay 4

Having babies later in life is regarded as a new trend of marriage, especially in these days when soon becoming adolescent parents might face plenty of troubles. It is easily seen that the financial burden is one of the reasons why many spouses tend to delay their childbirth because giving birth early forces them to tighten the budget. In this essay, I will lend more other detailed reasons and effects of this trend.

The fact that pregnancy has been more common in older women stemming from late-life marriage whose benefits are huge. Tying the knot early, in some cases, would cause constant quarrels about rights of child-rearing between young couples due to their immature thoughts on marital values. In contrast, delayed marriage may secure better conditions for children’s future. This would help singles have more time to seek a financially stable job and broaden behavioural experience before deciding to live with someone forever. Besides, high remarriage rate led by the rise of divorce in recent years partly contributes to late childbirth. The reason is that the lack of compatibility forces many couples to end their first love and marry again. Therefore, they may start having children after age 35.

As mentioned above, the benefits of late childbirth are undeniable, however, elderly parents, as well as a society also face threats that they can foresee. Indeed, raising kids at old age is more arduous than that at a young age, not only because their health will decline but also because their children are too little to self-manage. Moreover, having children when reaching over 35 can affect pregnancy due to ageing health. As a result, babies are not healthy enough or even die a premature death.

In conclusion, stable income and settled life make delayed marriage more appealing. The thing is we need to consider the pros and cons of this to decide what is right for a happy union.

People Decide to have Children later in their Life Essay – Model Essay 5

Many people currently decide not to have babies when they are young and wait until they get older instead. There are some reasons for this tendency, and it could have some impacts on family life as well as society.

To begin with, there are several reasons why a number of individuals want to have children later in their life. Firstly, this choice allows them to have more time to enjoy life when they are young. For instance, it is easier for a young couple to travel when they do not have a baby to nurture. Secondly, people who are at the early stage of their career usually have lower income compared to when they are older. Therefore, many people decide to start raising a family after having accumulated enough money to ensure a better life for their children.

However, this tendency might bring about some negative effects on both family life and society. The first impact is that having children later will cause a significant age gap between the two generations. This makes it harder for parents to understand and communicate with their offspring. Additionally, if people give birth when they are too old, the babies being born might be less physically healthy. This might adversely affect the quality of the future workforce if too many people decide to follow this trend.

In conclusion, there are some reasons why many people prefer to have children later in their life, and this tendency can result in some negative impacts on both family life and society.

People Decide to have Children later in their Life – Model Essay 6

In contemporary society, adults are inclined to delay having children until they reach their middle age. In this essay, I would like to demonstrate several reasons for this tendency and discuss that its drawbacks outweigh its benefits.

To begin with, there are some explanations for people’s avoidance of becoming parents too soon in their life. A prominent justification is that they want to be better-prepared for the family life financially. Individuals at their early stage of career may find it daunting difficult to afford a youth’s basic demands, so it is reasonable for them to wait until they have accumulated a sufficient amount of money to guarantee a fulfilled material life for their children. Another reason would be that the adults may want to enjoy their life before having a new family member. In illustration, it is easier for married couples to travel without a child to nurture.

It is true that this proclivity of procrastination is advantageous to some extent. To be more specific, families living on a stable income is capable of providing their offspring with high quality education and nutritious diets. However, I hold the view that the disadvantages of this trend are more convincing. It has been scientifically proven that older parents are more likely to give birth to less healthy progeny. Those children may suffer from a number of serious diseases, ranging from rickets to autism. In the long run, this may have an adverse effect on the overall competence of the future workforce.

In conclusion, it is understandable why people want to have children in their middle age, but they have to stay alert to the aforementioned significant threats.

Nowadays People Decide to have Children later in their Life – Model Essay 7

There are growing numbers of men and women choosing to have children later in life these days. In my opinion, the financial advantages of this trend far outweigh any perceived downsides.

The most significant tradeoffs of this relate to opportunity and maturity. Many individuals decide early on in their career to wait until their mid to late 30s to have children. The natural risk here is that if the relationship ends before that point or they then have trouble conceiving, they may end up childless. This possibility is lower today due to advances in fertility science but still exists. Furthermore, having children is a maturing experience. If an individual waits until late in life to raise a child, then they delay the experience gained and may later regret their decision. Most parents would openly admit that parenthood is a life-altering milestone and defining moment of adulthood.

Nonetheless, the disadvantages detailed above pale in comparison to the economic merits of delaying childbirth. Firstly, most young parents are not in an ideal situation in their career. Many working parents earn low salaries and work long hours. Once they have a child that means the majority of their day is occupied and they may feel trapped and overburdened. It is then difficult to switch careers or move to a new location as well as afford all the expenses incumbent on parents. This often results in parents becoming resentful and projecting their animosity towards their children or significant other. In contrast, parents who are firmly established in their careers, earn decent salaries, and have savings set aside have both the time and energy to devote to raising their children well without having to stress about making ends meet.

In conclusion, despite marginal risks concerning the opportunity and experience, it is an overall positive for financial reasons that many prospective parents are putting off childbirth. Therefore, this trend should be welcomed and encouraged.

People Decide to have Children later in their Life – Model Essay 8

Having a paradigm change in societal belief and people’s fascination with using a coveted career, they are inclined to become parents in a later period than yesteryear. There are a few notable causes of this, and that I believe it has more negative effects.

Because of this, childbirth is delayed. As per a recent poll, many young men and women who begin their careers after their schooling tend to be more focused on their tasks than having their very own household. Finally, if they get married, they are already in their mid-thirties, and they require a while to settle and have monetary stability before getting their first child. What is more, the old belief that a woman ought to be well prepared to handle a household and have kids earlier has shifted, and many more wives operate in offices than ever before.

If we detect that the harmful impacts of the tendency have, we will attempt to undo it. The negative outcome of the tendency is that the number of couples trying hard to get parents. It is scientifically demonstrated that couples’ infertility rate is greater who attempt to become pregnant following their mid-thirties. A few of the couples finally split their marriages because of this, which attracts unfathomable social issues. Additionally, having a kid in the first years of marriage creates a few more family-oriented, which finally helps them get a greater future.

In conclusion, late marriage, nuclear family construction, and much more focus on tasks are the key reasons people become parents in a later phase, and this has more negative results on the positive sides.

Nowadays People Decide to have Children later in their Life – Model Essay 9

These days, it is becoming increasingly common for couples to marry and start a family later in life. Although there are risks associated with this trend, it is overwhelmingly positive as it allows individuals to lead fuller lives.

Those who decry these changes can justifiably point out the maturing effects of marriage and children. Just like going to school or getting a job, getting married and having children are milestones in life that both signal and push forward character development. A child is an especially important opportunity for growth as parents must subordinate their own needs to a greater good. If this occurs later, then a person may remain immature well into their 30s. It stands to reason that this lack of character development will permeate throughout one’s life and relationships and possibly become more fixed.

Nonetheless, the statements above cannot be generalised to all people and are greatly outweighed by the freedom gained. When a couple gets married and has children from a young age, they are sacrificing a great deal of freedom and opportunity. Assuming they were not born wealthy, it will be impossible to focus on a successful career and also be an attentive parent. The result is likely that they will either neglect their children, marriage, or career, all of which can instill resentment and foment future problems. On the other hand, those who delay marriage are naturally more experienced and ready for a long-term relationship with parental duties as well as likely more settled in a stable career that can relieve the financial strain most young parents must withstand.

In conclusion, though raising children later can lead to a protracted period of immaturity, the advantages related to lifestyle are undisputed. It is therefore important that companies and governments are receptive to this new reality.

People Decide to have Children later in their Life – Model Essay 10

It is widely agreed that having babies later would have many benefits for their life. But I completely believe that these drawbacks and disadvantages are outweighed by these benefits for citizens.

On the one hand, nowadays, it is a general trend that more and more women expect to have a baby after they become a successful girl in career or gain some target, which have been planned when they are young. In modern society, the roles of these women are really important in comparison with about 10 or 20 years ago. Additionally, although a lot of couples give a decision to get married soon but they accept that delay having children. I think that these couples want to have a sustainable background about financial or physiological health when they become parents of these children in the future. I would say that it is the suitable reason to contribute to these nuclear families for the community.

However, I agree that there are some personal reasons why a woman should not decide to wait to have kids. Firstly, Nowadays, the people who are pregnant after 35 age periods, are considered as having a child later. In this age period, these mothers are warned by many doctors that the highest percentage of miscarriage is about 30-40%. Following this, health problems after reproduction are really serious. There is much evidence that most died cases of women belong to this group. Secondly, delay having kids leads to decreased fertility or creates a child is disabled body. It is one of the main reasons that have effects, ranging from the burden of society.

In conclusion, it seems to me that the dangers of matter are more significant than possible benefits.

People Decide to have Children later in their Life – Model Essay 11

In recent years, having children later has become a popular trend. There are several reasons for this phenomenon, and I believe that it has obvious disadvantages for every family and our community.<

There are two main reasons why more and more young people are refusing to have children when they are in the early stages of their careers. Firstly, instead of becoming parents at an early age, modern women are more likely to get higher education and want to move up the career ladder. If they get married and have a baby, it will be difficult for working mothers to divide their time to devote themselves to work and care for their offspring. Secondly, young childless families may have a strong sense of self-satisfaction. This leads to the fact that they prefer to enjoy life rather than raising children. For example, modern women tend to take care of their body and communicate with friends more than raising a child.

However, the postponement of childbirth is no longer a private affair of each family, but also greatly affects the survival of the whole nation. This trend negatively affects older parents and their future children when wives decide to get pregnant. In fact, after age 35, older mothers may face the risk of miscarriage or difficult childbirth. Moreover, if mothers have easy deliveries, babies are at risk of developing Down syndrome. As a result, it could negatively impact those who shape the nation’s tomorrow and the quality of our future productive workforce.

To sum up, there are several reasons why many people tend to put off having a baby in their lives. Therefore, it can negatively affect every family and our society as a whole.

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People Decide to have Children later in their Life Essay

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