Prison is the Common Way in Most Countries IELTS Essay

Prison is the Common Way in Most Countries IELTS Essay

Prison is the Common Way in Most Countries IELTS Essay

Prison is the common way in most countries to solve the problem of crime. However, a more effective solution is to provide people with a better education. Do you Agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Prison is the Common Way in Most Countries IELTS Essay

Model Answer 1

Despite the popularity of prison sentences as the way to control illegalities, improvements on education have gained social endorsement as a means to eliminate the problem from its root. In my opinion, I disagree that education is the better one as it is rather impossible to compare these two methods’ effectiveness owing to their distinct impacts.

On the one hand, the reasons why prisons are of indispensable necessity for social securityare varied. They are the place to keep people who have broken the law contained, ensuring the safety of other citizens. Especially, dangerous criminals such as murderers or rapists have to be imprisoned for their heinous actions. Furthermore, severe prison sentences act as a deterrent against crimes. Knowing there might be a chance of getting caught and condemned to jail, which also means losing freedom and living a miserable life in a cell, ones who are having the intention of committing illegalities would reconsider going down the path.

On the other hand, education serves as a remedy for the origin of crimes. Education contributes greatly to heighten people’s intellect and to form a civilized society. With access to better educational services, citizens would be well-informed about the damage that committing crimes would cause to their community and themselves, which eventually leads to the decline in crime rates. Additionally, the possession of certain qualifications through fundamental education like vocational training could secure a person’s stable life, which would dispel any ideas of committing crimes.

In conclusion, I believe there is no absolute way to deduce whether imprisonment policies or better education would take the dominant role in dealing with crimes as they both tackle the problem just in different ways. ieltsxpress

IELTS Essay on Crime

Model Answer 2

Crime in today’s world is one of the serious concerns that need attention. In order to plunge the rate of crime, most of the nations adopt the method of imprisonment. Better education, on the other hand, is regarded as the better solution to tackle this problem. Nevertheless, I completely disagree with the view that solely educating the masses would work to deter the crime, as basic education and moral values are already given in some form.

Pondering upon the myriad reasons behind putting the offenders in prison, the first and foremost is that they are well aware about the facts during imprisonment that they will lose their freedom, would be ill-treated, stay away from their loved ones for a major part of their lives even sometimes punished badly, depending upon the severity of the crime such a treatment creates a fear in the mind and think twice before they commit any heinous act. Punishments, also, set an example for other people and force them to think twice before committing any crime.

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Moving ahead, prison, acc to my perception, is also seen as the effective remedy because it safeguards the society from such criminals and ensures their protection and safety. One feel safe to know that all those who do unethical and unlawful activities are behind the bars eventually this makes one fearless and enjoy freedom. Education, on the other side, may not work well always all their life because people who intentionally choose bad company will certainly forget the moral lessons they learnt during their education. Consequently, prison is an appropriate solution to resolve this issue.

In conclusion, according to my perception, putting criminals behind bars should b continued and followed by the countries as curbing its rate merely through education is not a good idea for interests of society as a whole. ieltsxpress

Prison is the Common Way in Most Countries IELTS Essay

Model Answer 3

Some would argue that although punishment is the most pervasive means of combatting crime globally, education would in fact be far more efficacious. In my opinion, there are strong grounds for this opinion but ultimately deterrence remains the central core of all legal systems.

Those who favor education are trying to resolve systemic issues. There can be little debate over the fact that crime is overwhelmingly driven by necessity. Individuals who have few other options in life are more likely to see criminal activity as a viable alternative. By educating a population well and providing at minimum a high school diploma for every citizen, governments can effectively eliminate this motive. For instance, countries with quality education systems are much less likely to have high crime rates.

However, the solution detailed above is difficult to implement and the simplest method to discourage crime is to punish criminal acts. There are many justifications cited for punishment but the most basic is the need to deter future crimes. A criminal being put in prison does not reverse their past action but it does deter the same action being committed by other individuals in the future. If there were no punishments or extremely lenient sentences, it is a near inevitability that individuals would commit crimes, for a range of motives, more frequently.

In conclusion, education addresses the root causes of crime yet punishment is still a more effective preventative countermeasure. A combination of both is naturally ideal.

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Prison is the common way in most countries to solve the problem of crime IELTS Essay

Model Answer 4

There are many different opinions on the best way to reduce crime. The traditional solution is to punish There are many different opinions on the best way to reduce crime. The traditional solution is to punish the criminals by putting them in prison. Some hold the view that education and job training are the long term solutions to cut crime. In my opinion, prison is the only answer in a few situations, but in most cases education, vocational training and rehabilitation are better. ielts xpress

Prison is the only answer in case of criminals who are a risk to the society, such as murderers. They cannot be made to mix with society. Some people also say that people would not be afraid of doing crime if fear of imprisonment is not there. But I still feel that in majority of cases, we can do without prisons.

In traditional prisons, people learn a lot about crime and so when they leave prison they will commit even more crime. In other words prisons act as universities of crime. So petty offenders like shop-lifters and pick-pockets should be given some vocational training and education. It is a well known fact that the basic causes of crime are poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. So, if we provide education and job training then we would be removing the causes of crime. If criminals are rehabilitated by some form of employment then they would certainly not re-offend.

Furthermore, the prisons are expensive to maintain. The government can spend that money on other important matters such as education and healthcare. This would ease some burden from the government’s shoulders. The petty and minor criminals can also be employed in some community service projects after providing education and vocational training.

Summing up, we should hate the crime and not the criminal. To fight crime we should focus on the causes of crime. Education and job training help to rehabilitate the criminals. So, people who commit less serious crimes should not be sent to prison. Focus should be on reforming them.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Crime

In many nations around the world, criminals are sentenced to imprisonment for a specific period of time according to the gravity of their crime. Even so, many people believe that repeated crimes can be prevented by providing proper education to the lawbreakers and it is the most effective solution. I completely disagree with this statement as I believe that law illiteracy is not the reason for most of the crimes. The reasons for my view will be stated in this essay before arriving at a conclusion. ieltsxp ress

The most compelling reason for holding my view is that most criminals caught in recent times are highly educated. These people already have immense knowledge about the seriousness of the offence and the punishment associated with it. However, they continue to be involved in such punishable criminal offences and get caught by the law enforcement agencies. For instance, a police statement revealed that a recent bank robbery in Kerala, India was carried out by a group of engineers who were aware of the consequences of the crime and its impact on the society.

Another reason for my position is that some crimes are intolerable by the law. Those who commit serious crimes which become a threat to the society deserve imprisonment. Additionally, some extreme criminals who are involved in terrorism or premeditated murders must get capital punishment because they are a threat to the nation. Furthermore, almost every educational system in the world has a curriculum that teaches the basic values needed to be a good citizen. Thus, giving education after committing crimes does not really change the mentality of offenders and they continue to do illegal acts since they are conscious of what they are committing

In conclusion, I totally disagree with the opinion that educating criminals is the right solution to deter them from committing further crimes. This is because offenders already have the understanding of the after effects of breaking a law, which they gained through their basic education. Additionally, serious criminals need to be eliminated or isolated from the society to ensure that everyone has a safe place to live in a country. ielt sx pre ss

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Prison is the Common Way in Most Countries IELTS Essay

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