People Moving To a New Country IELTS Essay

People moving to a New Country – Discussion/Opinion Essay

People moving to a New Country IELTS Essay

You should spend around 40 minutes on this task.

Some people think that people moving to a new country should accept new culture in the foreign country. Others think that they should live as a separate minority group with different lifestyles. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Some People think that people moving to a new country – Model Essay 1:

Today, with the passage of time each and every country is on the path of development, and with this development, there is a growing trend of visiting different places in different countries. It is a highly debated issue whether immigrants should do and behave as the people of the host country or should they stick to their traditional lifestyle and live as a separate minority. It is necessary to look into the pros and cons of both situations before forming an opinion.

There are many benefits of adopting host countries’ customs. Firstly, it decreases the chances of misunderstanding and embarrassment. For e.g. in the UK it is offensive to ask about pay to anyone, which is common in India. Secondly, a nation’s customs and traditions are fascinating and offer a deep insight into that country. People move to other countries to broaden their horizons. So, if immigrants copy the customs of the host country, they learn more about them and that too in an interesting way. Finally, visitors establish a rapport with local people because people feel respected when their customs are understood and imitated. They become a member of the host country and so they don’t suffer from any culture shock.

On the other hand, there are many advantages of making a minority group. If a person is from a country with strong and old traditions, it will be difficult for him to adapt to the new customs. He can’t break the old customs such as food habits and wearing certain types of clothes. In such cases, if he retains his old customs and lives with his own community as a separate minority, he won’t suffer from homesickness.

On balance, I feel that someone who is moving to another country should respect the customs, culture, traditions, etc, of that country. This is necessary because a newcomer is like a guest in someone else’s home. So he is expected to follow the rules of that country. However, it should not be obligatory for him to follow those customs and change himself altogether. As time passes and he gets to know the hosts better then he can decide if he wants to adopt any custom or stick to his own. After all, being a cosmopolitan is the need of the hour.

In conclusion, I believe that mutual understanding between both the visitor and the host is necessary to maintain harmony. A cosmopolitan society in which everyone is tolerant of each other’s customs and traditions is the need of the day. After all, today, we are part of a small global village and not a big planet Earth.

People moving to a New Country IELTS Essay – Model Answer 2

People may choose to keep their old traditions from their native country or to accept new ones. Keeping the old customs will help one to overcome the cultural shock and the change of the environment. On the other side, accepting the new traditions will help one to adapt and make new friends with residents. In this essay, I will give different reasons why people decide to follow the customs of the new country or to keep their own customs.

If one is from a country with strong and old traditions, I think it will be rather difficult for him to adapt to the new customs and moreover to reject his own. That is why some people from the same country try to live together and to create their own community where the old traditions are kept. They can not break the customs that were created by their ancestors. For example, some nations are restricted in certain kinds of food by their traditions. So, they do not go to the restaurants unless their traditional food is served there. Some nations according to their customs have to wear certain types of cloth because their religion tells them to do so.

On the other side, if one is from a country with traditions similar to ones of the new country it will be easy for him to adapt and to follow the customs of the new place. He will not feel much difference. Probably, the most difficult part of his relocation will be to accustom to the new climate.

I think that people of the new country are friendlier when they see that foreigner follows their customs. I believe that the traditions of every country deserve respect, especially, when one lives there. In summary, I think that every country has its own beauty and if one wants to find out more about it he will love it.

IELTS Essay on Culture and Travel – Model Answer 3

There are differences in opinion whether a person should adopt the country’s culture when he moves to that country or to seclude himself in a different group, which upholds his native culture. Both the arguments are valid, and so a detailed discussion is needed before framing a logical conclusion.

Those who think that one who migrates to a country should adjust to the host culture believe that it gives them better social and economic opportunities in that country. They think so because when a migrant gets acclimatized with the host culture, the indigenous population may develop a tolerance towards them and they absorb them as the local population. This develops social acceptance and harmony between them. When there are fewer differences in the cultural aspect, there arise a lot of economic opportunities for the visitors, such as jobs and businesses, which is beneficial for both the migrant and native population.

Conversely, those who have an orthodox mentality to cultural beliefs feel that one should never dilute his culture, which was passed to him from his great ancestors. They believe when a person moves overseas, he should be identified by his own culture, and so he should never follow another way of living. They find this not only as a means of cultural preservation but also as a method of gaining social dignity in a foreign country. They also point at a more serious problem with the migrants: difficulty in adopting a very strange pattern of life.

After analyzing both views in detail, I think one should adjust with the culture and beliefs of the country which he moves into. At the same time, he should make sure that his cultural identity is not lost.

Discussion Opinion IELTS Essay – Model Answer 4

Some people believe that when a person goes to a foreign country, they should follow the practices and customs of that country. In my opinion, one should not try to follow foreign culture or one’s own culture blindly. Rather / instead one should adopt the best of both cultures.

When people stay in a foreign country, they should adapt to some of the customs and rituals of that country. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it is not possible to live in a foreign country completely isolated from foreign people. Outsiders always require some kind of help and support from native people in order to live in a foreign country successfully. Secondly, natives feel happier when they see outsiders adopting some of the customs and practices of locals into their life. This enables foreigners to have a good career and pleasant life in another country. For example, native people feel happy when foreigners greet them according to their style.

On the other hand, it is important for outsiders to practice some of the customs and practices of their own country. It is not possible for them to completely forget their own culture. Celebrating certain festivals of their own country will provide them happiness and deep contentment. They can organise social gatherings with people from their own country. These kinds of activities help them to overcome homesickness and loneliness.

In conclusion, when people move to another country it is not necessary to completely follow the practices of that country. Outsiders should adopt some aspects of the foreign culture and at the same time, they should not forget the best of their culture.

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People moving to a New Country - Discussion/Opinion Essay

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